District 20 Idaho Senator Chuck Winder (R), Idaho Senate Assistant Majority Leader, Former ACHD Commissioner and former Chairman Idaho Transportation Board

Rebecca Arnold is about to complete her third term, 12 years, as an Ada County Highway District commissioner. During this time she has unfailingly stood strong, always voting in favor of the citizens of Ada County’s best interests. Rebecca is not a typical politician; no one pushes her around and she is never influenced by special interests. Rebecca is running for a fourth term and we must keep her in office as our strong advocate. Please join me in voting for re-election of Rebecca Arnold.


Tammy de Weerd, Meridian Mayor

“Rebecca Arnold believes strongly that government entities should work together to solve problems that impact us all. Rebecca has brought a solution-oriented approach in addressing the concerns of our citizens.”


Winston H. Moore, Founder of W.H. Moore Company

“For the past 11-1/2 years, three terms, as an Ada County Highway District commissioner, Rebecca Arnold has been a beacon of solid judgment, wisdom and pragmatic thinking. In voting on ACHD matters Rebecca is not swayed or influenced by outside politics, wealth, power, prominence, etc. She sees right through political gimmicks and always votes for what she strongly feels is in t he best interests of the citizens of Ada County. Rebecca has decided to run for a fourth term and we must see that she is reelected. Please vote for Rebecca Arnold.”


Gary Raney, Sheriff, Ada County

“Rebecca has been instrumental in building relationships between ACHD and the Sheriff’s Office so that both agencies can serve the community better.  Many years of tradition were set aside to work toward a greater good – keeping our communities safe on our roadways and ensuring the efficient flow of traffic!”


Don Hubble, President, Hubble Homes

“Rebecca always acts with the best intentions for ACHD.  she is a devoted advocate and a creative thinker when it comes to solutions.  We are fortunate to have had her serve on the Commission and her willingness to continue serving.  I give her my wholehearted recommendation to be re-elected to the Commission again.”


Julie Pipal, Chairman, Meridian Development Corporation

“Rebecca is one of the most responsive elected officials with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.  She vigorously pursues her responsibilities, yet she is always willing to listen and is open to new and innovative ideas.”


Roger Collins, Site Planner, The Land Group, Inc. (formerly with Albertson’s)

“I have known and worked with Rebecca for over 15 years not only in the political arena, but on the private side of development as well.  It has been my experience whether working alongside Rebecca or presenting to her as an ACHD board member, Rebecca brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, experience and a true passion for improving the community.  In tough situations she brings to bear thoughtful consideration of the issues and how they affect the community and the individuals involved.  I am personally appreciative for her representation on the ACHD board in regard to her fiscal conservatism and her work to decline the allowable tax increases provided under state law and to keep the amount of property taxes passed on to ACHD at the same level for four years in a row.  I highly recommend Rebecca Arnold for re-election as an Ada County Highway District Commissioner.”


Mandy Kaylor, Sr. Technical Recruiter/Projects, Micron Technology and Junior League of Boise colleague

“Rebecca continues to have my full support in her re-election to the ACHD.  Rebecca is collaborative, informed and involved in her public practice that leads to improvements in our roads and our community.  My experience in working with Rebecca is always positive. She keeps in mind what’s best for Boise.”


Scott Phillips, Former Executive Director, Idaho Republican Party

“I’m voting for Rebecca Arnold because she’s a strong fiscal conservative, qualified leader, and excellent manager of public resources (our tax dollars). Over the past decade her tax-and-spend liberal-leaning opponent has consistently voted to raise our property taxes from his cushy perch at Boise’s city hall. I’m personally sick and tired of ever-expanding government, higher taxes, and wasteful spending! Rebecca Arnold, on the other hand, has successfully helped the Ada County Highway District hold the line on wasteful spending and unnecessary tax increases while championing projects which reduce traffic congestion and improve public safety. Rebecca understands who pays for government, and has proven her commitment to prudently manage the funds we citizens supply to ACHD. Please join me in voting for Rebecca Arnold. I encourage you to also please tell your friends and neighbors why she’s the most qualified candidate for ACHD District 2!”


Jeff Hess, Attorney at Hawkins Companies

“I have known Rebecca for twenty years. During the last ten years, I have been active on an Advisory Board to the ACHD Commissioners and gotten to know her as a policy maker on the Commission. While we have not always seen eye to eye, she has always been open to differing viewpoints and has had a willingness to listen and learn. I find her open and thoughtful with a mindset to balance the many competing stakeholder desires. I urge you to vote for Rebecca in the upcoming ACHD Commissioner’s election.”


Barb Vanderpool, Associate Broker at Keller Williams Realty Boise

Rebecca Arnold is clearly the best choice for Ada County Highway District commissioner. As an attorney and former certified public accountant, she has the education and experience to make the best decisions. She listens to the public and makes well reasoned decisions.

Rebecca has kept costs under control and fought to keep our property taxes low. She is ethical, honest, and dedicated to improving our quality of life by focusing on reducing traffic congestion, investing in neighborhoods through community improvement projects, providing a safe, cost effective transportation system and avoiding raising taxes! She has my vote.


Rick D. Youngblood, Idaho State Representative; Commissioner, Canyon Highway District No 4;  Idaho Association of Highway Districts Board of Directors; and Vice President, Sunwest Bank

“Re-elect Rebecca Arnold, Ada County Highway District commissioner. As a fellow board member of the Idaho Association of Highway Districts these past five years, I know of Rebecca’s dedication to service and working for her constituents. Rebecca currently serves as president of our local highway association (IAHD) further evidence of her involvement and willingness to serve. Arnold is also an attorney and is most familiar with our state and local transportation laws. Let’s keep this dedication and experience working for ACHD, and vote Rebecca Arnold.”


Stephen Lord, Proprietor, Stephen Lord Law Office

“Rebecca is a considerate and respectful Ada County Highway District Commissioner and one who is able to balance the interests of development and built neighborhoods.  Prior to her election the ACHD commission, I worked with her as opposing counsel and on continuing education programs.  She is well-prepared and completely professional in all the work she does in law, business and government.  I support her re-election to ACHD.”


John Kluksdal, Attorney, Hepworth, Janis & Kluksdal

“Rebecca has worked tirelessly for the people of Ada County and I fully support her re-election.”


David Lincoln, Commissioner, Golden Gate Highway District #3, Canyon County and Vice President, Idaho Association of Highway Districts

“I am endorsing Rebecca Arnold for Ada County Highway District Commissioner.  Rebecca is a positive voice of experience for the Ada County Highway District.  She is one of Idaho’s more knowledgeable individuals with local transportation issues.  I have had the pleasure of serving with Rebecca on the Idaho Association of Highway Districts Executive Board and other committees of highway and infrastructure concerns.”


James Burch, Attorney, SuperValu

I highly recommend Rebecca Arnold for re-election as an Ada County Highway District Commissioner representing Subdistrict #2. Rebecca’s service on the ACHD board has been characterized by fiscal conservatism, fairness and thoughtful consideration of the issues facing Ada County and how the decisions and recommendations of ACHD affect individual residents. She has done a fantastic job and deserves re-election.”


LeAnn South, Senate Attaché’ at Idaho State Senate

“Rebecca is a very professional and service minded individual.  Her commitment to her community is genuine, dedicated, and productive.  I will continue to support her in her effort to make Ada County a great place to live. Thank you Rebecca for your work!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


John Ballard, Owner Operator, Hungry Planet Organics

“Rebecca has shown time and time again her commitment to fair and trustworthy action in the political process.  Her dedication is backed by her hard work and willingness to provide appropriate solutions to the complicated issues facing this office.”


Kenneth Howell, Partner, Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley

“Rebecca has distinguished as an attorney and as Ada County Highway District Commissioner by her perspicacity, integrity and commitment to efficient services. Rebecca has certainly earned an additional term as ACHD commissioner.”


Nerissa Campbell, R.N., Resident Are Manager at Hillcrest Retirement and Assisted Living (former Registered Nurse for Dr. Brenda Williams at Women’s Health Associates and Total Care)

“Rebecca is knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable. Her expertise in many fields allows her to see the big picture. I always know when Rebecca is on the project it will be done right and on time. I highly recommend voting for her in the upcoming election.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


David McKinney, Owner, DMG Real Estate Partners, LLC (former Vice President, Albertson’s)

“I am in full support of Rebecca Arnold for re-election at Ada County Highway District. I have known and worked with Rebecca for quite a few years and respect her as a creative, smart problem solver that wants to get things done.” October 26, 2012


Tom South, Partner, CliftonLarsonAllen (business partner)

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Rebecca for re-election as a commissioner for Ada County Highway District. Her prior service speaks for itself.  She has demonstrated that her decisions and efforts have been, and will continue to be, in the best interest of those she serves, the taxpayers of Ada County.  Please join me in supporting Rebecca for re-election.”


Marty Igo, Owner, The Igo Company

“I have known Rebecca Arnold to be a solid professional in her business field with high integrity. She has done and will do a very capable job for us as a commissioner at ACHD.”


Peter Barton, Partner, Givens Pursley LLP

“Rebecca Arnold should be re-elected to the Ada County Highway District. She is passionate and committed and is willing to stand for what’s right. We need more leaders who will listen and then respond with fairness. Rebecca is one of those leaders.”


Bob Bruce, Principal, Stanley Consultants

“I believe that Rebecca Arnold has done a very good job during her tenure on the Ada County Highway District Commission.  Her hard work has earned her the respect of her fellow commissioners who made her Commission President.  Rebecca understands the issues that ACHD faces and she makes well thought out decisions before casting her votes. Please vote for Rebecca Arnold!”


Karen Meyer, Consultant at Ravenware Consulting, (formerly Owner, Handyman Connection Boise)

“Rebecca is a good leader; focused on issues and follows through on her commitments. I am happy to endorse Rebecca for her campaign to be reelected as an ACHD commissioner. Karen Meyer”


Bill Selvage, President, Wm. C. Selvage, Inc.

“Having known and worked with Rebecca for the past twenty, I am pleased to endorse her in her run for re-election to ACHD. Her experience in Real Estate and law, as well as being very approachable, is key in having her continuing in her ACHD role.”


Ken Franklin, Agent at Swope Investment Properties (former Commercial Escrow Officer, TitleOne Corporation

“I highly recommend Rebecca for the ACHD seat. I have worked with Rebecca for several years and found her to be very honest and straight forward. She has the experience and expertise to perform her duties and obligations with the highest degree of professionalism.”


Sandy Fery, Major Gifts Officer at St. Luke’s Medical Hospital System (former Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank)

“Rebecca is well organized, committed to getting the job done on time and under budget. She works well as a team leader by engaging others to obtain the best outcomes. Have always enjoyed working with her.” October 23, 2012


Clarence Jones, Independent Financial Services Professional (former President and CEO, Farmers & Merchants State Bank)

“Rebecca is a great choice for the ACHD…She is very committed to doing a good job for such…I recommend her for re-election…”


Gary Allen, Owner, Givens Pursley LLP

“Rebecca is a responsive, intelligent commissioner who should be re-elected as ACHD commissioner.”


Brent Pipal, Principal Software Architect, Microsoft

“Rebecca is a wonderful person with excellent personal and professional skills. Her approach is honest and inclusive. I highly recommend Rebecca for Ada County Highway District Sub-district 2.” October 23, 2012


Doug Gibson, President at DG Group Architecture PLLC (former Sr. Manager Architecture, Albertson’s)

“Rebecca is a pragmatic real estate professional that has taken to a higher calling by assisting Ada County Highway District in transportation decisions that affect all tax payers. Her experience as a consensus builder and legal profession in the development community means that she knows who the decision makers are and then how to successfully deal with them. Attention to detail and a conscientious demeanor have proven valuable talents over the years and will help direct future decisions that will be to the benefit of all her constituents.”

Bridgett Oliver, Billing Manager, Anesthesia Associates of Boise (former Billing Manager at Women’s Health Associates)

“Rebecca is a person true to her word.  She cares about the community and she cares about people!  I strongly recommend Rebecca to be re-elected to Ada County Highway District as ACHD Commissioner.  Rebecca is hard working and honest and I know she will do a great job for us!”


Geoffrey Wardle, Partner, Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley

“Rebecca understands the issues facing ACHD today and she should be reelected this November to another term on the Commission.”


Roger Cantlon, President, Cantlon Properties Inc.

“It is a pleasure for our family to endorse Rebecca Arnold in her bid for reelection.  Rebecca’s extensive professional skills, historical knowledge of our community, and a desire to make a difference are values and skills seldom combined in one candidate. We are fortunate to have Rebecca Arnold running for a 3rd term.”


Lance Weibye, Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Construction, Earth Fare (formerly at Albertson’s)

“Rebecca is a top tier real estate professional. She is one of the very few who can effectively partner on both sides of the table to generate the best possible outcome for her client / organization.”


Larry Anderson, Senior Attorney at Walgreens (former Director of Litigation and Contracting, Albertsons, Inc.

“When Rebecca and I were both at Albertsons she was a very highly regarded attorney and, although it has been several years since I’ve worked with her, I have nothing but positive recollections about her and her work.”


Scott Calhoun, Certified General Appraiser, HS Calhoun Appraisal & Consulting (former Board Member, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Arnold in both business and volunteer situations. I have always found her to be fair, pragmatic and approach challenges with a can do spirit. Rebecca has worked hard as an ACHD Commissioner to bring an even hand to the challenges of bettering our transportation system.”


Roger Graham, Architect at Albertson’s (retired)

“I have known and worked with Rebecca Arnold for several years while both of us were employed at Albertson’s, Inc.  She is very professional, capable and thorough in her work.”


Idaho Statesman
Our View, endorsements, ACHD: McKee, Arnold merit re-election
October 16, 2012

“The commission has done a good job striking a series of balances: new road projects vs. maintaining the existing infrastructure; spreading out road projects across six cities; balancing road projects against city land-use planning decisions. And the commission has managed this juggling act while holding the line on property tax collections for four successive years.”
Read more: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/10/16/2311658/mckee-arnoldmerit-re-election.html


span style=”color: #44217e;”>Neal Russell

“For almost 12 years as an Ada County Highway District commissioner, Rebecca Arnold has done a magnificent job of looking out for the best interests of the citizens of Ada County. Rebecca is not your typical politician and is not influenced by special interests. Rebecca’s judgment and wisdom are outstanding and we need to get her reelected. Please vote for Rebecca Arnold.”


Thomas Arnold

“Rebecca Arnold has unselfishly served the Ada County community as a passionate, dedicated volunteer for nearly three decades. As an Ada County Highway District commissioner, she has served the taxpayers well by improving efficiency, by taking a detailed, pragmatic approach to decision making, by reducing congestion, by improving safety, by spending tax dollars wisely, and by avoiding property tax increases. I used to live in Ada County so I know. Ada County is fortunate that someone with her expertise, education and talent is willing to serve in public office. Please re-elect Rebecca Arnold.”


Jim Kissler

“Rebecca Arnold has spent almost 12 years, three terms, protecting and looking out for the best interests of the citizens of Ada County as an Ada County Highway District commissioner. Those who have watched Rebecca know that she is not your typical politician and is not beholden to any outside interests. Rebecca constantly and unfailingly votes with the people in mind. Rebecca is running for a fourth term. please join me in voting for Rebecca Arnold.”


Greg Kaltenecker

“Rebecca Arnold is running for her fourth term as an Ada County Highway District commissioner. During the past three and a half terms Rebecca has always voted for the best interests of the citizens of Ada County. She has solid judgment, wisdom and pragmatic thinking. She is not influenced by politics but rather uses her own independent thinking. We need Rebecca to continue looking out for us. Please vote for Rebecca Arnold.”


Jacquelyn Wilson

“Rebecca Arnold has spent almost 12 years, three terms, as an Ada County Highway District commissioner. Rebecca is virtually a watchdog looking out for and guarding the best interests of the citizens of Ada County. Rebecca is not influenced by politics nor special interests but rather unfailingly votes to protect her constituents. She is running now for a fourth term. Please join me in voting for Rebecca Arnold.”


Greg Thueson

“As an Ada County Highway District commissioner, Rebecca Arnold is passionate, committed and willing to stand up for the best interests of the citizens of Ada County. Rebecca works tirelessly looking out for us. Her wisdom, experience and dedication are priceless. Please join me in voting to re-elect Rebecca Arnold.”