Rebecca Arnold for ACHD

Protecting Neighborhoods with Practical Transportation Solutions…

As ACHD Commissioner, commencing in 2004, Rebecca Arnold has worked diligently to improve Ada County residents’ quality of life by ensuring funding for community transportation projects that provide safe routes for children to walk and bike to school by filling in gaps in sidewalks and bike lanes and by reducing traffic congestion to save citizens time and money.

Rebecca has seen how neglect of neighborhoods in other cities leads to a decline in the quality of life and property values. Her leadership has provided practical transportation solutions that allow neighborhoods to thrive with less congestion and with better health, safety and efficiency…all while holding the line on property taxes. Rebecca has worked to reduce costs while fighting to keep taxes down.

Now that the election results have been compiled and voters have returned Rebecca Arnold to the Ada County Highway District, she vows to continue her efforts to:

•    Reduce traffic congestion & improve air quality

•    Invest in neighborhoods through community improvement projects

•    Provide a cost effective transportation system and avoid raising taxes

•    Assure transparency & public involvement in the decision-making process